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We are here for you!

At Safe & Sound Business Solutions we believe in a comprehensive approach to bookkeeping. Many small businesses fail or fail to reach their full potential because of limited time being devoted to back-office supports and systems. Bookkeeping is often overlooked in the business environment and can lead to expensive clean-ups, or mistakes. Most small business owners do not have the time to devote to these matters.


Safe & Sound Business Solutions strives to not only help small businesses operate but to grow to their full potential as well. We will help you put systems and processes in place that will aid in the success of your business. 


Safe & Sound Business Solutions has the experience and capabilities to accomplish this and would like to help you regain those precious hours lost that could have been spent with your family.

We are a partner for you!


Safe & Sound Business Solutions eliminates the hiring of additional staff, provides bookkeeping solutions at affordable rates, and understands the needs of small businesses. As your partner, we will listen and get to know you, care for your business like it is our own, work with you, and get the job done.

Our Crew
Dedicated. Passionate. Experienced. 

  • Debbie Ludwick
         Managing Partner, Co-Founder
  • Sean Ludwick
         Managing Partner, Co-Founder

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